Large Breast Implants Before And After

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    Does anyone have knowledge of a doctor who specializes in doing large breast implants??
    My wife, age 32, after 6 children, has lost most of her breast size. She is 5'5" tall, weighs 115. She is going for a DD final size. She is hotter now than ever before, but she feels the implants will take her to the next level of confidence. With the implants, she is plenty hot enough to strip if she wanted to--and she might. I feel she may find it difficult to find a doctor in the USA who would do the large implants, which would make her noticibly top-heavy. Help her find the right doctor--will travel anywhere.

    • ANSWER:
      You won't find it too difficult, trust me...ever notice how most strip clubs , well the ones that have a more upscale look & clientele always have a special guest weekly or monthly? well the guests r usually a porn star or in most cases what they call a Featured Entertainer. the FE's are usually abnormally huge breasted, and that is what draws the people in. My point is that in NYC, where i live i worked in the office of a guy that opened 5 of the most well known clubs there and i got to know these girls, well some of them...and i know in Florida and NY and philly they had Dr's they would refer to other girls. If u can't find something on the internet, call a strip club or log onto one of these perfomers sites, they all have them and just ask for advice or a recommendation. If u have to make up a story and say your wife is a performer to get a name, just do it...but i don't think you will have that much trouble. If i can remember the Doc that we used to use i will let u know but it was like 7 years ago. Good luck. The secret to good implants aside from the dr is that the woman must have some loose skin to work with..meaning iv'e seen small b's go straight to trp D's and they looked terrible so forced and streched to the limit...u gotta work your way up. If your wife as you said lost most of her size after birth, that would probably work cause she probably has the elasticity to get away with it.

    Is it worth it to get breast implants before I have kids?
    I am thinking of getting breast implants. I am in my late twenties and will probably have kids in 3-5 years time.

    I have been told by some people that implants don't result in painful breasts when pregnant or breastfeeding, and even make the breasts perkier than normal post-breastfeeding.

    I have been told by others to wait until I have had kids. they say my boobs will go up two cup sizes, and that the implants (which I am getting to make my small breasts larger) will be valueless- if I need implants post-kids, it will be for lift and fullness, not size (other people say, though, that their breasts shrank after having kids!)

    They also say that implants may make engorged pregnancy/breastfeeding breasts even more painful.

    Please let me know what you think, and if you have had any experience of this??

    • ANSWER:
      Wait until after you have kids. Your breasts will change in size and you might be one of the lucky ones who goes from a AA cup to a C cup. Or you could be unlucky and go from a AA cup to deflated sacs of nothing in which case implants will be almost a necessity. Breastfeeding can be very uncomfortable in the beginning, and you also run the risk of mastitis (an infection) if breasts get too engorged in the early days. Also, there are some women who can't breastfeed after implants, no matter what is promised beforehand. Considering the importance of breastfeeding for nutrition and for bonding with a newborn, in my opinion that tips the scales in favor of waiting until after kids.

      I was one of those who went from flat to stretched sacs of nothing after two kids. I now have a nice pair of C-sized sweater puppies and both me and my hubby couldn't be happier. It was a worthy investment My shape looks so much better, my waist looks thinner and my hips less bulgy now that my upper half is as curvy as the lower half. I'm thrilled with the results and I don't regret it for a second. Nor have I become "addicted" to surgery, that's the only thing I've ever had done. There are some very realistic implants out there. My own doctor showed my the different options, from "bouncy and natural" to what he called "porn star plastics" Don't go too large, invest in the bouncy ones and no one will be the wiser.

    When did large breast implants began as a popular trend?
    Reviewing previous fashion aspects of dress styles preceding the adventurous years of the flappers era [circa 1920] and several years after, up to the counter cultures of 1960s. While breast implants have been in exercise primarily as an experimenting stage as early as 1895, applications for primary augmentation [or enlarging for cosmetic reasons] has never been documented in early fashion designs. Silicone implants were invented in 1961 but followed several years of criticism as well as the mechanics of its safety vulnerabilities.

    It was previously known that pin-ups originated from magazines and other media articles have shifted from legs to breasts between 40s to late 50s, most of the visual illustrations were emphasized primarily on naturals rather than obstructively large sizes. It is largely believed that the fashion design of the brassiere as it emerged from utilitarian styles to other, more appealing forms. Whether the desire to have larger breasts to accommodate the features of brassieres is not currently known, but I speculate recent influences by the adult entertainment industry may have contributed to the desire for large breasts. As of yet I have been unable to allocate a definitive date or perhaps an era in which this phenomenon first appeared, any assistance on this matter would be much appreciated. :)

    On the personal note, I often wonder of the latent hazards of having unusually large mammary glands, especially if the average body constraints are not proportioned to handle the resulting muscular stress...and perhaps probable spinal injuries of having an offset ctg over a sustained period of time. Upon research I became aware that current popular media in the adult entertainment industry often places emphasis on breasts and it has been one of many frequently searched queues. Upon finding conflicting interest from explicit media created before 1980 lead me to suggest that the cultural trend for this style may have originated only in the last 100 years or so.

    • ANSWER:
      We first heard about it here about 1972 I believe. Some has been Hollywood lady had gotten it. The boys' reaction was "those Americans are crazy". Of course, already then there were many jokes about american old girls having face lifts and so on.

      I think though that during the last ten years or so, it is gradually being considered less and less cool again. At least over here.

      It really also is pretty sick. I mean my wife would have been number one on Dr. Plastic's death list with her quite-a-bit-smaller-than-A breasts. That would have been a tragedy.

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    How were your breast implants after pregnancy?
    I wanted to know of your experiences or anyone else's experiences that you know of who have breast implants during their pregnancy & if it affected the implants, size, or shape at all after child birth. Breast feeding or bottle feeding.

    I am currently 6 months pregnant and I have breast implants. They have gotten so large ( I know it's normal regardless if you have breast implants or not) and I cant wait for them to go back to their size before pregnancy.

    Any positive response will be much apreciated thak you!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Ok I got implants after my son was born. Then I got pregnant less than a year after having them done. A waiste of $$ I know. lol

      Anyway so my breasts got HUGE during the pregnancy and even bigger right after (when my milk came in), but I was able to successfully breastfeed my baby. It was no harder than breastfeeding my 1st child.

      As far as how they LOOKED... well like I said I was less than a year into having them done when I got pregnant SO before I got pregnant they were very perky and "perfect" in my eyes (no sagging, etc. at all).

      During the pregnancy they just got BIG.

      Immediately following the pregnancy they got even BIGGER (because I had milk- as you will even if you don't breastfeed)

      AFTER I quit breastfeeding (now) the size went back down and they were a bit more "saggy"... but not bad AT ALL! They still look a lot better than any of my friends who have had babies and do not have implants. They are full and haveplenty of "tissue" or (implant -lol) in them. My husband actually likes them better now because before he said they looked fake and felt fake.Now he says they look real and feel real. :) ALSO - they are still more perky than any women I know with a NATURAL D or DD cup size.

      Don't stress. The implants will keep your breasts from losing all shape and form after the milk is gone! I still absolutely LOVE mine and am SO glad they don't look like they did after my 1st was born (no tissue and VERY saggy). :)

      Good luck!

    To all women with breast implants..Help, I just got them and now I regret it....?
    I just had breast implants a week ago and now I regret it so much. I feel that they are too small and that there isn't much difference in volume. I'm 5'3/5"4, 165 pounds and got 475cc saline round profile. I look in the mirrow and feel horrible. I got them through the belly button and my Dr. had to do an extra crease because mine was too short from the areola and my breast needed space for the implants to sit/drop/settle. I'm not sure if this is still post op emotions but I feel like I want to go bigger. I just feel that the pain I'm going through now and the money I spent is not worth what I'm going through.

    If you've had breast implants before, did you feel the same thing? Did you think you were too small and then after a few weeks/months were you happy?

    I'm not a large person but I'm definitely not petite either. I didnt even shop around for doctors.....I just let myself follow an ad in the radio. UGH....I hate this....

    Help..... :-(

    • ANSWER:
      What you're experiencing is normal. After a cosmetic surgery (particularly when the results haven't taken shape yet) it's common to feel regret because for a while you will probably look a little worse than you did in the first place. After a while, as things start to take shape and the scars heal, you will be fine and probably even feel it was worth every penny.

large breast implants before and after